Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Things on a Stick - Refresh your blog

1. How much have you blogged since you finished the 23 Things On a Stick?
I've made a couple of posts since I finished last year. Not as many as I thought I would but life takes over and somehow becomes more important than posting on my blog. C'est la vie. I think the posts I did do were rather funny though and had fun writing them.

2. What do you like about blogging?
It reminds me of how much I enjoy creative writing. I used to write more before I had my children. Now, not so much. I don't like writing to a blank audience though. It's a little unnerving to not know who's reading what I wrote, but on the other hand, I was disappointed when I didn't have comments on what I wrote. Which way do I want it - no comments so I can pretend that no one's reading what I write or lots of comments but am I prepared for criticism? Decisions, decisions...

3. Have you found other blogs to read?
Yep. I have some friends who blog and I like to read what they've written. I have also found a lot of really interesting knitting blogs with patterns that I want to try.

4. Do you comment on others' blogs?
Yep again. Especially if I used a pattern from that knitter - to thank them for their work. I will comment on my friends' blogs as well. They're usually really funny and I appreciate their humor.

Friday, September 19, 2008

And have we learned a valuable lesson, young lady?

So, Tuesday my hard drive crashed. My beloved MacBook was in desperate need of a transplant and unfortunately, laptops do not as "family members" so you can't take sick leave to take them to the computer doctor. Can you believe that? So I had to wait until after work to drive to the Apple Store where I had reserved time with a Genius. Genius Brian, or Brain as he was known in the store, diagnosed the problem. We had a brief discussion about data recovery and the need to back up files, etc. [Sidebar - kids, if you want to go into a very lucrative career, go into Data Recovery] I remembered that I had all of my music except for a few things I purchased on Monday but hadn't loaded on the iPod yet and all of my photos, contacts, calendars, etc. on my iPod and almost all of my necessary work files on the work server so felt pretty safe in saying c'est la vie. My warranty was still in effect so the transplant was covered. Genius Brian and I discussed how my old hard drive wasn't really "Dead" per se, but that it was going to live on a farm with other hard drives. I mourned the loss and vowed to do a better job of backing up data . . . especially photos.

Some of my 600+ photos are still living in cyberworld thanks to Flickr, Walmart and Snapfish but the rest are gone. Gone I tell you! GONE! deep cleansing breath - Ok, I'm better. But my favorites were still on the iPod. Like a smarty smart, I figured what goes on, must come off. Little did I know that the Apple gods had planned for just such a problem by making it a one way transfer. Rats, foiled again! Then I remembered reading something about a Photo Liberator. I found it, downloaded it and hooked up the iPod and SHAZAM - bye bye photos. At this point, I walked over to a co-worker's desk and proceeded to crawl under it. Seriously. I did. She calmly asked if I was ok and I said that I just needed a minute. She knows me pretty well so just walked away.

Once I crawled out from under the desk, I returned to my own and sent a frantic email to my own personal genuis - my brother. He sent me a link to a site that would retrieve the other stuff from my iPod like the 4000+ songs, videos, movies, etc. and it did. Not a single thing lost. Movie of my nephew singing Pat-a-Cake? Retrieved. Photo of nephew - gone. Movie of nephew asking to ride the motorcycle as only a 2 year old can? Retrieved. Photo of Star Wars Freak Son at the Star Wars Exhibit at the Science Museum - gone. [sidebar - if you know my son, PLEASE don't tell him. Mommy's not ready for that, yet.]

I do know that with all things computerized, nothing is really gone gone until you write data over it so now Genius Brother is charged with the task of finding software that I can use to data mine my iPod to find my photos. Yes, I know that even if I get them back, chances are they won't be "print" worthy but I will take them in any form I can get right now.

SOOOOOO.... what have we learned from this? Duh, back up your data. All photos will be uploaded to Snapfish as well as saved in my iPhotos. When iTunes asks if I want to back up my library, I will do so and if I don't, I give iTunes permission to say, "Are you sure, Dummy? Remember what happened last time!" And lastly, I will remember to post my bookmarks to my del.icio.us account like I used to before I got my laptop.

Who would have thought that in less than one year I would have so much of my life stored on a computer that I would need to post a HUGE blog about my loss?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kids these days

It's been awhile since I've posted. I made a conscious effort to not be glued to the computer all day! Believe me, it's been a challenge.

Here's my other challenge -- teaching my children how to play. Seriously. Just play. I never wanted to use the phrase, "When I was a kid" but I find myself using it daily! Yesterday, I dragged two of my kids (ages almost 9 and almost 7) outside and forced them to [gasp] use the garden hose to make mud in the driveway and play in it. When I a kid, that would have gotten me grounded. What is more fun than walking barefoot in mud! Ok, maybe rolling around in the mud is more fun but that would be taking it too far. My youngest really got into it. She said that Dad would be mad if he knew what we were doing [little did she know that he knew all about it and totally approved] but that I was the coolest mom ever for letting them do it. The almost 9 year old played for awhile then wanted to go back in the house. And do what? Lay around? No way! I actually told him to call Child Protective Services and tell them about how his mean mom was making him play outside on a lovely day. How cruel she was about handing him a garden hose and forcing him to make mud puddles. How she tore off his shoes and socks so he could feel the mud between his toes. After awhile, he started laughing, realizing how ridiculous it sounded.

When I was a kid, we got up at the crack of dawn, inhaled breakfast and took off on our bikes only to reappear at meal times. Granted, it was the 70s and I lived in the country where I knew all my neighbors and they knew me. We knew who was home during the day in case we needed a bathroom break or glass of water or wiped out on our bikes, needing a ride home. My home is located on top of a hill, next to a very busy highway but we have over 15 acres of bike-able land to traverse and explore. There are no less than 10 climbable trees in the yard in addition to the playground equipment we have. Heck, we even have two lovable dogs who would like nothing better than to chase a ball thrown by a kid. And don't think that my kids are allowed to sit on the couch and watch TV, play video games or use the computer all day. Nope, my summer mantra is, "play play play or you can help with the household chores." Get this, sometimes, they'll actually fold the laundry instead of playing. Seriously? What's wrong with my kids? Bedrooms full of toys and games but they'd rather sit in the living room with me and fold clothes. Weird.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tell her what's she's won, Johnny . . . .

I received my flash drive in the mail and it was a welcome addition to my tech ensemble. I had need for one and had forgotten mine at home, but lo and behold, there was my new one - waiting for its initial assignment.

Then, a couple of days later, what to my wondering eyes did appear? But a miniature MP3 Player and matching arm gear! I am going to load it with all of my husband's favorites and present it to him for Father's Day. He's a big techno-phob so has resisted the whole MP3 culture. He's finally made the switch to CDs from cassettes but he didn't go willingly. Trying to explain why he would want to have an MP3 player goes something like the scene in Spinal Tap where Nigel is explaining to Marty why his speaker goes to 11. note - this conversation did not actually take place . . . yet . . . .
Me: You need an MP3 player.
Hubby: Why?
Me: So you can listen to your music wherever and whenever you want.
Hubby: That's what CDs are for.
Me: But this lets you have access to ALL of your CDs at once.
Hubby: When would I have time to listen to all of them in one sitting? I'll just bring the CDs I want.
Me: But what if you bring those CDs and then suddenly wish you could hear a song from a CD that you didn't bring?
Hubby: Then I'll wait until I get home, Miss Must Have Instant Gratification.
Me: But this would have all of them. ALL of THEM. Right here. No waiting.
Hubby: Too many choices. I'd never make up my mind.
Me: But you could make playlists of favorites.
Hubby: That's called a mixed tape. [see - still clinging to the old and familiar]
Me: Mixed tape? Yes, dear. It's like a mixed tape, only better. This one can last longer than 60 minutes. It can go on for hours.
Hubby: I don't have time to listen to music for hours. That's why one CD is just fine for me.
Me: But this one has all of them. All of them . . .

See what I mean? This one goes to 11.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thing #23, the sequel

I found my regional representative and let her know about my completion of the 23 Things. She was very proud of me. As much as I begged, (ok. . . I didn't really beg that hard) she wouldn't tell me what the prizes were. C'est la vie!

Grammar Lesson